Natural Weed Killer

Mix 1/4 c epson salt, 2c white vinegar and squirt of Dawn dishwashing liquid together for a great weed killer.


tip 2

Natural Fertilizer

Add crunched up eggshells as a natural fertilizer. This also recycles/ gives a use to the eggshells.


tip 3

natural fertilizer for acid loving plants

Add coffee grounds about a 1/2c to your potting soil per half bag. Coffee grounds retain nitrogen. Again your recycling. This is for acid loving plants like roses, blueberries,tomatoes and evergreens. 


Tip 4


Garden Mums can come back each year with some care in Connecticut.

  • Buy your Mums early and plant in yard in the Summer (July). Planting early establishes the plants roots.
  • Plant closer to your house to get the warmth from your home.
  • Watering: Keep Mums moist but not wet.
  • Plant: In the sunlight with at least 6 hours of sun per day.
  • Once established, if you see the plant budding before July 4th clip back plant/ buds. You won't hurt the plant and this will help you get Late Summer to Fall Blooms.