October 2018 – Meeting Minutes 

CO-Presidents - Welcome / Urgent Business - Tracy Flater  

·      Paul Steben from Stebens Auto passed away, he will be sorely missed as he has done so much for Park Road. His family are in our thoughts & prayers.  We sent flowers from the Park Road Association

·      The parade was the largest crowd we’ve seen on the street in a couple years! Very successful

o   There is a wrap up meeting being planned, after that we will have a thorough report. 

·      Collection happening for Best of West Hartford event: gift basket representing our neighborhood association

o   If you’re a business and you want to contribute, Johnny is collecting at Effie’s and need to be dropped off by October 30th

o   Proceeds benefit all WH neighborhood association so a portion comes back to us!

·      Toys for Tots

o   Last year 15 businesses participated and we pitched $100 each in and got 75 spots on the radio, on air time, social media, and print promotions.  We broke records in both cash and toys collected.

o   Collection runs 11/19 - 12/18.  All toys delivered to Effie’s during live broadcast the morning of 12/18.

o   We are hoping to exceed number of businesses and exceed toys & money raised this year!


Elected Officials 

Mayor Shari cantor reported:

·      It has been busy but also calm: we are gearing up for an election that is very much going to impact our state

·      We don’t know what is going to happen with our budget, so we are in a bit of flux

·      If you don’t know our candidates, read about them and make sure you VOTE

·      We attended a meeting last night with the Lindbrook neighborhood–26 homes—were impacted by sewage and a bubble in an MDC pipe

o   Everyone was patient, polite, and engaged with helping neighbors

o   It reminds us how important it is to be a community and help each other out

·      Firefighters delivered a baby two mornings ago! Right here on Park Road

·      We are doing a proclamation for Small Business Saturday in early November

·      November 11: ceremony at 1:00pm at Veteran’s Memorial for Veteran’s Day


Beautification Club - Steve Dewey

·      Not a lot this month as summer is winding down

·      Hopefully you’re enjoying the fall planters, we are in our final weeks!

·      We are hoping to get people more familiar with them so next spring we can exceed our 14 planters!

·      This month DPW will be submitting for a capital improvement grant: to replace both regular and decorative lighting on the street

o   Some of the south side decorative lights are not working at this time, so maybe if the full campaign doesn’t go through, some volunteers can go through, replace the bulbs and spruce them up

·      With fall here, do your part with trash clean up and if you have a drain that gets covered by leaves / etc, keep them clear!

·      The week before the parade, about 20 people turned out to clean up the street! On the parade day itself they were very present!


Marketing/Development - Chelsea O’Donnell

·      We are soon going to be reaching out to put together Holiday Gift Guide: inspire the neighborhood to buy gifts on Park Road! They can get unique, West Hartford-based gifts right here on Park Road

·      Small Business Saturday:

o   Chelsea has a huge box of posters, banners, so many kinds of swag

o   If you want to sign up, Chelsea will give you a whole bunch of swag to decorate your store for Small Business Saturday!


Town Reports:

         Police - Captain Kevin McCarthy reported:

·      Runs the bureau now for the PD

·      It’s been a while but he’s glad to be back! CIT will be reinvigorated sometime soon

·      Shooting outside of Zaytoon’s one month ago was a concern about the community

o   Information zipped around social media, they have identified people of interest, they have applied for and will be issuing search, seizure, and hopefully arrest warrants

o   There is no threat to the community: it was not racially nor ethnically motivated

o   It was an isolated incident, it is an ongoing investigation

·      Car burglaries are back up: LOCK YOUR CARS

o   Crimes of opportunity: if it’s unlocked, if there are keys in the vehicle, if the garage doors are left open, the kids are going from house to house just to see if things are open

o   The kids are from town, out of town, from all over

·      Toys for Tots: he loves it! Last year, they chased around a poor, retired, marine veteran in a white van who went around thinking they were supposed to collect the toys

o   This won’t happen again, it was just a miscommunication

·      TRACY: Action Item: it is time to do an emergency preparedness meeting again!  Follow up w. Captain McCarthy


            Mark McGovern

·      Last month he gave an update on Park Road project: ramp could be open in November! Things are moving along quickly.

o   The project will continue into late spring  / early summer, Park Road paving will still need to happen

o   Spring will still have interruptions

•      In 2019 we hope to work on three bridges in town

•      They have started the process for a Plan of Conservation and Development update to send to the state

o   West Hartford’s Plan of Conservation and Development is a road map for the future of the community. It identifies a long-term vision, goals, strategies and action steps necessary to support the Town’s vision and goals. The plan covers areas such as economic development, housing, transportation, infrastructure, open space, environment, and Town services.

o   By State law, every municipality in Connecticut is required to update their Plan of Conservation and Development at least every ten years. West Hartford’s last plan was approved in 2009.

oRead the 2009 plan here.

o   The Town has engaged Fitzgerald and Halliday Inc., a Hartford-based planning firm, to assist the Town in the update of the Plan.

•      October 30 6pm-8pm: interactive presentation

•      Visit Planwesthartford.com for more information!

o   If you plan on attending, take the survey ahead of time!


            Health Department - Chris Hansen

·      Quiet, side streets are pretty good

·      No new businesses going in, except the Juice Bar going in

·      Salons: they do yearly inspections and everything is going well


            Economic Development Kristen Connolly

•      Essential Health opened last month at 74 Park Road: chiropractor and health food store

o   Juice Bar is working out some things to open soon

•      New salon: Infinite Beauty Bar has opened in the last week or so

•      175 Park Road: the Village Second Chance Boutique will be opening soon! Former Clothes Horse space

o   Soft opening January 5, starting November 3 they will be accepting donations

§  Gently used or new clothing, housewares, accessories, jewelry, handbags accepted

•      252 Park Road: AJ Mastay studios is open

•      262 Park Road: GBS Threading replaced Orchid Salon, there are some vacancies in that building as well


            Joe Angelico, Sisters of St Joseph (by Chuck Coursey):

·      You may have seen the story on we-ha.com about the Sisters of St Joseph project

o   This is a new group.   The former group had planned on a 200 unit project and was approved by Town Council  but it counted on tax credit from the state since it preserved the existing structure BUT the state didn’t like the addition onto the building, so they lost the funding and withdrew the project.

o   This is a brand new group and they are working in tandem with the state and the town to ensure they gain approval by both.

·      When they have a final plan that they are ready to submit, they will come and present at one of our meetings

·      They will be seeking the approval from Design Review in town as well as State Historic Preservation Office

o   They are in the very early stages of the process

·      Similar to the last project, but smaller units (more 1 bedrooms)

·      https://we-ha.com/new-plans-submitted-for-large-apartment-development-on-park-road-in-west-hartford/


            Ringgold Estates, Lovely Development

·      One of the models is almost ready!

·      Once they have a model home open, they would love to have a TV in the home with a slide show of local businesses, as well as brochures, business cards, etc. of local businesses so that people know they are buying into the community and not just into a home

·      25 units total, 2 and 3 bedrooms


Community Updates

         Share Events, Activity, Exciting News About Your Businesses!

·      127 Park Road

o   As winter approaches, Deanna has been doing 4D creates: crafting classes!

o   Great idea for Girls Night Out, bridal parties, date night ideas!

·      Playhouse on Park

o   One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

§  Oct 31-November 18

§  Show is incredibly powerful, Tuesday matinee in the middle of the run

o   Save the Date: June 15th: 10th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser

o   Save the Date: 20th Anniversary Mayors Charity Ball on Saturday, May 11th




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Next meeting, November 16th from 8am - 9am


Tracy Flater 860-558-8038 and John Paindiris 860-836-9366