Friday, February 15, 2019, 8:00am-9:00am

Co-Presidents – Welcome / Urgent Business John Paindiris

·      We are sending our condolences to Tracy & her family as they have services for her mother this morning

·      Quiet on Park Road lately!


BEAUTIFICATION CLUB: on vacation, next meeting in March!


PARADE: Tony is looking to schedule a meeting in the next couple of weeks, keep an eye out for that!


POLICE: Chief Riddick, Mike & Kevin

·      Pleased to announce that for 2018: Part 1 crime is 14.5% (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, & theft)

·      CSU: Community Support Unit is active!

o   Lead to a significant drug seizure (fentanol, cocaine, one other drug? As well as weapons)

o   The community is very happy to see this come back

·      Person breaking into motor vehicle a few nights ago: unlocked vehicle!

·      Motor vehicle stop based on smell of weed: lead to arrest for possession of additional drugs & handgun

·      Intoxicated 18 & 19 year old broke into a business, they were caught up with

·      With the new Chief and the resurgence of the CSU, the division has been reorganized, there are variations and new ways to use personnel / gives more resources and more latitude (further assistance) to deal with what is going on in town

o   CSU reports to Lieutenant Mike

o   CSU does not only focus on the Park Road area like the CIT did, they are all over town

·      Shooting on New Britain Avenue in January: worked through, identified shooting suspect, seeking search warrant for vehicle seized: all but wrapped up; working with Hartford PD

·      Bike cops will be back in May / June

·      We are down 7 officers, with 23 set to retire in a year and a half or so

o   They are targeting certified officers who would want to come over to West Hartford for a better working environment, higher pay, etc.

o   Also targeting to hire those who don’t necessarily have college experience but solid life experience


PUBLIC WORKS: John Phillips

·      Winter maintenance program is in full swing

·      Pothole season is early! They will be more progressive, struggling to keep up due to water getting underneath it and freeze overnight and it pops out

o   If you see one, send in a picture with the 3-1-1 system online!

·      An incinerator built in the 50s will be taken down

o   The facility will be modernized and more efficient

·      How are the new trash cans working out?

o   They let the town know when they’re full so staff can be distributed to empty them

o   Working well as far as they know! Still some contamination, but that is bound to happen and entire truck contamination can be prevented

·      Sweeper will suck up instead of just mechanically sweep and that will be much more effective this year

o   Is there a chance at revisiting the sidewalk sweepers?: It would take funding  & time that public works doesn’t have

·      All of our potholes are filled with 100% recycled asphalt



·      POCD update:

·      Talked about retail districts at the meeting they had

o   Focused on PARKING! It was a good session

o   Mollie (note taker) asked question on parking so I wasn’t taking notes, I was listening

·      Home stretch for POCD: one last session on the 25th

o   Looking to have it wrapped up by the end of April

o   Adopted by Zoning Commission, and sent to Town Council who would accept it

·      Lights: there is funding in the capital portion of engineering budget for replacement & installation for new, decorative lighting on Park Road FY 2021 (there needs to be time to design the project)

o   March meeting will have an update

o   Town Council will hold 2 public hearings that we can attend if we want to make our opinions known

·      Still dealing with sewage on Ringgold Street

o   Work is continuing!

·      Oakwood Avenue: 2019 MDC is going to replace both the water line and the sewer line: Park all the way to Flatbush (an $11 million project!)


TOWN COUNCIL: Chris Williams

·      About to start budget season

o   A lot of uncertainty as to what is going to happen in the state

o   $288 million budget; 41.04 mil rate

o   If we move forward over $300 million and mil rate of 43

·      Application for old Toys R Us spot: proposal to turn that into the gym; concern about windows on residential side of the building

From the crowd: All the cars on Robin Road that were parked overnight were ticketed


CHAMBER: Chris Conway

·      Mayor’s State of the Town Address: wonderful event, went very well!

·      Chief was Mayor for the Day in Waterbury! Congratulations!

·      Economic Development Luncheon: April 25th at Wampanoag Country Club

o   Register on Chamber’s website or call and they will register you; limited space! Register early

·      One of Chris’ commitments is to stay engaged: there are now 3 members of Chris’ immediate team so if he is not here one of his trio will be!

·      Co-Hosting a business after hours with Simsbury Chamber at the North House in Avon this coming Wednesday

o   More engaging with other Chambers

·      FLOW (Young Professionals): Financial Freedom Workshop February 21st

·      Ribbon Cutting at Ignite Fitness

·      Pachanga (former Zest 280 space) is a new Chamber member

·      Wagging Tails is open, grand opening is coming up

·      Hosted a cyber security seminar with Microsoft (business to business networking vs the usual business to customer networking)

o   Another one coming up: Business to Business Roundtable luncheon (subject: Paid, Earned, and Owned Media)

·      Restaurant Week: January 7-20 was successful! In the 1 week version, $11,000 was donated to foodshare so they are anticipating that this most recent one will be significantly more which is great


Ringgold Update:

·      2 residents! Another open house scheduled for this Sunday 2/17 from 1-3pm


CNG Update

·      “We’re back!” Service work is starting a week from Monday!

·      Most services just need to be changed over instead of fully replaced

o   Mondays are a good day for businesses closed on Mondays

·      Communication is key: if you have any questions, let them know!

·      Timeframe: through the summer

·      For some businesses it may be a two-day job, but most are just one day and one building per day

·      They will be able to use compressed natural gas trailers to keep businesses up and running while the changeover happens

o   Some businesses will have overnight work done to have as little interruption as possible to the businesses


Solar for All Presentation: Jonathan (Posigen) & Madeline (CT Green Bank)

·      With Posigen Solar: helping residents go solar with no money down, no income or credit requirements

·      Misconception: you don’t have to have tens of thousands of dollars to go solar

o   Help people go solar regardless of income or credit standing

o   NET Metering: you get to keep solar energy that you generate; like rollover minutes from cell phones

§  Legislators are getting rid of NET Metering in state of CT starting in the fall

§  If you have NET metering before it goes away, you are grandfathered in

·      Partnership with Green Bank; only solar company in the state that will work with you no matter your income or credit

o   They have to prove that they are going to be saving money


·      Connecticut has some of the highest electricity costs in the country

·      Posigen’s business model is about pairing efficiency with fixed solar costs

o   Helps gain control over energy costs

·      Community based approach: Posigen gives $200 to nonprofits and community groups if new customers say they were referred by that nonprofit or community group

·      The CT Green Bank brought PosiGen to CT from Louisiana based on all the great work they were doing in New Orleans after Katrina


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Next meeting, March 15th from 8am - 9am

Tracy Flater 860-558-8038 and John Paindiris 860-836-9366