Park Road Association

Meeting Minutes

June 2019


Co-Presidents: Welcome / Urgent Business Tracy Flater & John Paindiris

·      We start ramping up big time next month for the Parade

o   If anyone wants to join the Parade Committee, we need some new blood! We meet every other week at Effie’s

o   We are changing up the way we choose the Grand Marshall:  we will have a survey so that candidates can be nominated and the committee will choose the Grand Marshall

·      Thanks to all who participated in the Celebrity Breakfast: we were a bit worried due to rain and the busy time of year, but at the end of the day we did raise what we normally raise (surprisingly always very consistent!)

o   Raised just over $2000!

o   We are considering changing the date to September (after Labor Day) which would start a kick off of events leading up to the parade

o   Considering also a format update


Beautification Club Steve & Deanna Dewey

·      There was an early evening “Second Tuesday” clean up walk! Small turn out

o   Start at Ringgold and go up to South Quaker and back—still picked up two bags of garbage

o   Next one will be Tuesday, July 9 at 6:15pm meeting in front of 127 Park Road

o   Will be posted on various sites around town so that students & others who need community service can use this event for their hours

·      The KNOX Foundation planter order is in: we will have 9 (down from 14 last year)

o   They are anticipated to come early July (slow growing season)

o   Some locations that won’t have planters are still doing nice plantings and landscape work so they’ll still look lovely!

·      Beautification Club meetings will not be held anymore but e-blasts with information will go out and the reports will happen at our main meetings & updates will happen at the Second Tuesday walks

·      Shirts are still available!

o   You can order them!


Police Update Kevin McCarthy

·      They had a statewide class so they weren’t around the last few weeks but they are BACK and out and about

·      K-9s are finishing up their training: 2 officers

·      We’ve been relatively steady with activity in town

·      #9pm is working—those types of crimes are still happening a little bit though

o   This is just the world we live in, LOCK YOUR CARS

·      The bureau is doing follow up on cases, tying up loose ends since it hasn’t been crazy around

·      The CSU (old CIT) has been very busy, very active

o   If rims or tires are stolen, look on Facebook because they are often posted for sale there

·      From Steve: This man keeps going in their side door, they give him a bottled water and he’s on his way

o   He’s not aggressive but he shouldn’t be entering their building, he just wants food

o   You can always call the police if you feel unsafe

o   The police think that Hartford is hitting panhandlers hard so they’re migrating to us

o   If you call the police, they will come give the person a warning and then the next time they are trespassing there they will be arrested


Economic Development Kristen Connolly

·      J Rene: Jose Rene Martinez was recently awarded the CT Small Business Administration “Minority Owned Business of the Year” of the year

o   They are also expanding around town!


·      Some signs have gone up on the former Max & Lily and Petals & Paws spaces

o   An ophthalmologist and Knights Cigar Lounge 

·      It has been very slow progress on the former Chengdu: Mr. Chow Asian Fusion

o   Owns Ichiro & Icy Rolls in the center

·      They still have to do their yearly walk to go over the condition of the street


Community Services Mark McGovern

·      Sisters of St Joseph: still working with National Park Service

·      Town Council received application from Fellowship Housing: they would demolish existing units and put in updated units

o   They would expand to 310 units from approx. 200 with a waiting list of over 100

·      Park/ I-84 project: we are continuing to say: Stay away!

o   Monday they’ll start paving but then they have to rebuild the road base on the Westbound side between Trout Brook & exit ramp

o   There will be a 24-hour detour in the area

o   Hoping to have construction done by mid-August and then landscaping will happen

·      Mark does not have an update on the CNG project


Chamber of Commerce Kate Kob

·      The Annual Meeting was on Monday at the Pond House, it was lovely

·      Upcoming Events can be found HERE:

·      The Health & Wellness committee is doing a walk & sip: a walk around the reservoir and then wine

·      B2B Roundtable: The Localization of Social Media

·      If you want to post on the community calendar:


Playhouse on Park:

·      Come see THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS: opens next week through August 4



Make sure you are receiving the e-news via Mail Chimp Next meeting is Friday, July 19 from 8am - 9am

Tracy Flater 860-558-8038 and John Paindiris 860-836-9366