Friday, January 18, 2019 at 8:00am


Co-Presidents Welcome / Urgent Business

  • Surprised that we are here based on the weather forecast!

  • Happy New Year to all

  • Welcome to CHRIS, the new Executive Director of the Chamber at his first meeting with us!

  • Congrats to Joe & Sisters down the street for getting their project pushed through!

  • Sub committees have been relatively quiet since December

    • Committees will begin to plan out the year and events & activities

      • If you would like to get involved, let Tracy / John know so they can point you in the right direction


Beautification Club: Steve Dewey

  • Hoping to start planter campaign in March

    • Donors from last year as well as new donors

    • Looking to match 14 planters & exceed

  • Working with K Enterprise for more decorations that tie in through the street

    • Looking to find discounted banners /etc at the end of the holiday season looking forward to next year

  • Trash is still an issue: how are the garbage receptacles doing

    • Hoping to create more awareness

      • Don’t feel like you have to do the whole neighborhood, just what’s on your own property

    • Spring clean up walk in April

  • Road work, hopefully winding down

  • Signage when you got off the exit: now that the new off ramp is open, there is a sign that says “Park Road District”; want to change name to “Park Road [neighborhood]” or something else

    • Maybe Park Road Arts District instead of just another district

      • Kristen will do research and talk about it in the next Beautification Club meeting

  • No meeting in February because Steve and Deanna are going to Costa Rica (lucky ducks!) so they will resume in March


Town Reports


  • Hot spot unit started last Tuesday; already working on first “shots fired” incident on New Britain Avenue—Community Services Unit

    • Not just for Park Road but any part of town that have a bunch of problems

  • Late December: reminder on car burglaries have been tamped down a bit due to the weather

    • Arrested 2 15 year olds and a 14 year old, Hartford residents

    • Lock your cars, lock your doors #9pmRoutine

  • LIKE the WHPD on Facebook

If you see something, say something!!! They can’t do anything unless they know about it

Health Department

  • Health has been nice and slow in terms of property maintenance

  • There is someone trying to get into the Chengdu space

Economic Development: Kristen Gorsky

  • Chengdu: They just applied for permits this week

    • Mr Chow’s Asian Fusion (owner of Ichiro, co-owner of Icy Rolls)

    • Great that the space was filled quickly!

  • 135 S. Main: 2 businesses working on getting open

    • Ignite Fitness

    • PT Sports Medicine Centers

    • Build out and final inspections are near completion

  • 175 Park Road: The Village is open! They opened last week; grand opening was last night!

  • Sadly, Zest280 has closed; they have relocated over to the Pond House

    • BUT! Pachanga Empanada has quickly moved into the space

    • Kim is still committed to Park Road!

  • Former Green Man Tattoo space on the corner

    • Stay on Park will be moving into that space

    • Thrift, consignment, a little bit of everything

Community Services

  • Plan of Conservation and Development: 10 year plan will be filed with the state

    • 4 events coming up: you’re all invited! 2 hour workshops

      • January 30th – Environment & Sustainability: Room 400, Town Hall, 6-8 pm

      • January 31st – Economic Development: Room 400, Town Hall, 6-8 pm

      • February 6th – Housing, Facilities & Cultural Resources:  Room 217, Town Hall, 6-8pm

      • February 7th --Transportation & Infrastructure: Room 400, Town Hall 6-8 pm

  • Question: how do we solve the parking problem?

    • Establishing a resident parking problem?

    • What to do during a parking ban?

    • It is also engineering, public works, etc.

    • Is there a way of identifying areas that do have parking and seeing if they can make arrangements with the town?

    • The easiest way is public lots in close proximity

  • Sewer pipe backed up on Ringgold Street

    • They are repairing on Fairlawn, maybe they’re almost done

    • Water is getting into the sanitary line through cracks in the pipes

  • Old houses sump pumps are connected to the sanitary lines

  • The MDC is very interested in disconnecting sump pumps but they now have to review where the water is going to be discharged



Sisters of St. Joseph

  • Lexington got approvals last week with the inlands and wetlands committee and town council: big hurdles that they got over!

  • Still a few approvals that Lexington is waiting on, once that happens, transfer of ownership will take place

    • Hoping to start construction by May, maybe late April, just tying up some loose ends

Ringgold Estates

  • Building 5 is basically complete, a closing happened Christmas Eve and another closing scheduled for next Friday

  • Very good interest in other units; they will be setting up a model unit with an open house

  • Thank you to Mark & his team in regards to the MDC issue

  • The next three units will continue through the winter




  • Next meting: February 1 is the culmination of last year’s PD transitions

    • Citgo station was interested putting up metal shutters: horrible for a business district, fortunately he did not put them up

    • Chief, Mayor, Town Manager will all be at this meeting

    • How do we get people to feel safe & that their backs are covered

    • This will be the start of a good conversation

  • In regard to POCD (Plan of Conservation and Development):

    • Wanted to put up a speed limit sign on New Britain Avenue, but it is a state road and that would take four months! Make the state roads feel more like West Hartford

    • The town should be seamless, we don’t want a wealthy vs. poor part of town

    • We don’t get anything done in this town without being a (nice and polite) squeaky wheel

WH Chamber of Commerce

  • Welcome to Chris, new Exec. Director of WHCOC

  • Lexington project: Chamber

    • Submitted a letter of support to the project

  • Chris loves the WHPD social media presence & loves to post on social media!

  • Chamber events:

    • Jan 30: FLOW has a social event at Flemings 5:30-8pm

    • Jan 31: State of the Town Luncheon at Delamar 11:30am-1pm

    • Feb 5: Technology Committee will be hosting 1 hour seminar on commuter security awareness training 8-9am at Microsoft store in the mall

    • Feb 7: Business After Hours at Tempurpedic in Blueback

    • Feb 20: Joint business after hours with Simsbury Chamber at the North House 5:30-7:30pm

    • Feb 21: FLOW is doing a financial freedom workshop

    • Jan 7-Jan 20: Restaurant Week continues!

      • Was very successful in the summer, has come back for the winter

      • Enhance businesses but also enhances the community

      • Pre Fixe menus with percent of profits goes to Foodshare

  • Foodshare was giving food to TSA workers at Bradley

  • WHCOC is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

    • Trying to show what the Chamber does for the community


Community Updates

  • Murder for Two at Playhouse on Park runs through February 3

  • Thanks to the community from Jennifer from the Village

    • They have been doing quite well!

    • They appreciate their welcome into the West Hartford Commnity

  • Steve was in his building alone with no car since he walked, a man walked into his building and when he approached the man he just left

    • Keep your eyes open!

    • A black women in her mid 50’s with a full length northface coat and bright lipstick has stolen from Effie’s, if you see her, call the police



Tracy Flater 860-558-8038 and John Paindiris 860-836-9366