Park Road Association

Meeting Minutes

Friday, July 19, 2019, 8:00am

Co-Presidents Welcome / Urgent Business Tracy Flater & John Paindiris

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  • If you’re not getting the E-Newsletter, sign up via our website!

  • Parade & Beautification Club are in full swing!

  • The Park Road walk through was a couple of weeks ago, thanks to Kristen for putting it together

  • Construction on Park Road: has slowed down in some areas, and ramped up by the highway

Beautification Club Steve Dewey

  • We got the 9 planters from Knox Foundation-- they look lovely! 

  • Everyone is making an effort to clean up their properties

  • The church has redone their landscaping and it looks really nice

  • Black Diamond is doing a ton of work on their property

  • The Club will do certificates of recognition for those who are making a nice effort on their property

  • Two Second Tuesday clean up walks have happened-- they’ve been small, but they’re still happening!

    • They will be happening in August & September as well

    • 6:15pm on the second Tuesday of the month

  • There were baby racoons in the dumpster at 127!!

Parade Update Tony Landino

  • We will officially start regular meetings for the parade very soon

  • We have started a solicitation for a Grand Marshall

    • Instead of looking for a highly visible person, we are looking for an Unsung Hero Grand Marshall: if you have a nominee

    • We will take nominations through August 15


  • We have completed our 2019 sponsorship packet to sponsor the parade

    • Always looking for new sponsors! Especially the title sponsor level

  • Also looking for Volunteer Coordinator replacement


  • Reminder to keep locking your car & business doors!!

    • There was one on Thomas Street just last night

  • Keep an eye out for graffiti, there has been some around Trout Brook and at the golf courses

    • Don’t be afraid to call

  • We had a shooting down in front of Zaytoon’s a while ago and they applied for a warrant for someone who had fled to Jordan, he came back to Canada and then back to Bradley Airport: he has been picked up for arrest

  • Another incident / a couple involving people in our community who suffer from mental illness

    • Overnight, found an individual wandering in the streets, he was brought to the hospital but that’s not usually the end of it, so social services were able to get involved.

    • The officers do a great job following up so that problems can be solved and not just repeated

  • #9pm is going on and working well: keep your cars locked!

    • Car break ins are down, a nationwide & CT trend, but the local message is helping

  • Bob McCue has retired, his position will be available to be filled at the end of the month

  • 29 guns (all licensed) were recovered from a man who had mental illness, he cooperated and the situation was fine

  • Panhandlers can’t block traffic, block sidewalks, they get one warning and then they get tickets

    • Most of them have drug problems, usually heroin

    • They come from as far as Springfield, Bridgeport, they move around a lot

    • “Don’t feed the bears”

    • If you feel guilty, write a check to a homeless shelter

Economic Development Kristen Gorsky

  • S. Quaker & Park Road: Picture Perfect closed due to a retirement, next month an opening of Park Road Shoe Repair in that space

  • Mr. Chow Asian Fusion will likely open some point next month

    • Not sure if there will be any external changes

  • Black Diamond has expanded into the old Miller Heating & Cooling space since they own the building!

    • They will continue to improve the building

  • Pho 206 has closed due to a retirement

  • 120 Park: Zero Degree Thai Ice Cream: requesting a 180 square foot addition to the building for a 45 seat restaurant, presumably a new restaurant will move in, not sure any kind of timeline we don’t have a lot of details

    • Owned by Blue Elephant Trail owner in the center, purchased from the church

  • I-84 project: most work should be wrapping up at the end of the summer, paving the north side of Park Road next week/ short term pave since they’ll completely repave at some point in August

    • Work will be shifted over to the South side and going through the same process there

    • If you can avoid it, please do avoid it

  • Some MDC work that is happening near Effie’s Ringgold 

    • They’re doing some access on the One Park site

    • They were delayed in their work due to the rain, perhaps they are starting back up today

  • Park Road walk through was done last week, there were representatives from the town and the association, went very well

    • Every year that we do this, there are less and less that we see

    • Some inoperable vehicles noticed by zoning officer that will be moved

    • Some paver / side walk issues that will be addressed by the town engineer 

  • No updates on CNG, we don’t think they’re finished

  • Ideanomics: They were supposed to have a press conference today that has been moved to Monday

    • Soon the community will be able to see their ideas and designs for the campus via a website

Chamber of Commerce Kate Kob

Events calendar: 

  • Annual Golf Tournament is coming up and they are selling golf signs

  • B2B Round Table: The localization of social media, Chelsea O’Donnell is the presenter, July 24

  • Business After Hours at the Town & County Club, August 8

  • Chamber Night at the Yard Goats, August 14

  • WeHa Health & Wellness Fair, August 21 in Blueback Square

  • Chamber 101: a quarterly event 

  • Members of the Chamber are allowed to use the community calendar!

Sisters of St. Joseph Joseph Angelico

  • Everything is still positive, the National Park Service has requested that the developer make some alterations to the design, and satisfied that request without changing the footprint

    • Just waiting for the formal approval

The Mayor’s Charity Ball

  • Had been postponed to September, keep an eye out and get your tickets!

The Scottsboro Boys

  • Runs at Playhouse through August 4