Friday, March 15, 2019


·      Not a lot going on, there’s a ton of trash in front of Effie’s as well as all over the street now that the melt is happening


Beautification Club Steve Dewey

·      Thanks to the Club for putting together a group to march in the St Patrick’s Day Parade this year!

o   There were about 11 representatives from Park Road, wearing beautification club (green!) shirts

o   Sparked ideas for maybe a sweatshirt paraphernalia

o   Passed out candy!

o   Ideas for a bigger and better contingent next year

·      As spring comes, fall garbage that gets covered by snow reappears

o   Clean up Walk: last Saturday in April (4/27)!

o   Excited to have a good turnout with more routes in addition to the planned four routes

o   Want people to realize that there is garbage, do a “clean sweep” reminder campaign

·      Starting planter campaign, last year we had 14 planters, hoping for even more this year!

o   If anyone wants to donate to the planters, that is coming right up

·      Next Beautification Club meeting is April 11 at 4:30 at 127 Park Road: all are welcome!


Police LT Mike Alquist

·      House of Tobacco, a gang went in and took an ATM at about 3am; if anyone has an ATM in their business make sure it’s bolted down

·      A couple car burglars around S Quaker when cars were being warmed up in the morning

o   Lock your cars, don’t leave them unattended at any time

o   #9pmRoutine: Lock your cars, make sure

·      Panhandlers are coming back with the warmer weather

o   If people don’t give them money, they won’t show up as much

o   Panhandler exposed himself, being looked into

o   They make a couple hundred dollars a day

o   They are allowed to be there but if they’re yelling, or hitting anyone call the cops

·      Soon we’ll have our new bike officer

·      They are having staffing issues, three or four are retiring in July, may lose 6-10 officers in total


Parade Committee Kim Yarum

·      They are looking to schedule the first parade meeting to start planning the parade as well as the celebrity breakfast

·      Possibly doing the Taste of Park Road at the Pond House again

o   Hoping to do this in April after Easter, just need commitment from everyone who comes to the meetings to “bring 5 people” to make the event successful


Public Works John Phillips

·      Have started to go out and do whatever cleaning they can do that will be effective

·      Haven’t set a date yet for regular sweeping program, but sweeping will be happening more regularly: 5 days a week

o   Sweep off your sidewalks

·      5 large mechanical Big Bellys (trash receptacles): the most used ones are at Park / S Quaker and the Prospect corner

o   They’ll do another analysis in the spring and then summer

·      Pothole season! Don’t look at the roads ;)

o   Cracks open up more because they are swelling



o   As the roads stay above 30 degrees in the night, the roads will start settling


Community Services Mark McGovern

·      PCOD: completed public engagement program; now they actually have to write the plan

o has all information

·      Hopefully by the end of the month we’ll hear what the plans for the former UCONN site; none of their plans have been publicized quite yet

o   It will be significant

o   There will be a small amount of “amenity retail” to serve the campus

o   There will be opportunities for the public to walk through

·      Decorative lights are IN THE BUDGET!

o   This will take a year or so to take effect once it is fully approved

·      Greg Sommers from Engineering will give an update on the 84 project

o   We are not actually almost done with the project: there will still be closures as they work on Trout Book / Park Road as they begin drainage work that runs directly down the intersection; may have overnight work to minimize interruption

o   Roadway reconstruction starting on north side of Park Road through Trout Brook, then the other side

§  Some times there will be detours from Trout Brook

o   Westbound traffic on Park Road may be closed on S Quaker Lane; they will coordinate with the businesses and use “business open” signs so the public knows

§  This will likely be happening in May and June

o   As always they are telling us to avoid the area if possible during the active work


o   If you have questions you can email

o   Are they going to do the Quaker Lane bridge? They have not gotten there yet but they are expected to fix that at some point soon


Economic Development Kristen Connolly

·      Next to Sweet Chili is under new management “Charming Nails & Spa” doing some renovations; a few months from re-opening

·      Total Fit Studio: Grand Opening on April 4; 274 Park Road

·      Stay on Park has relocated, former Green Man Tattoo building; opening early April

·      74 Park Road: Collaborative and Natural Health Partners have replaced A Balanced Way; sustainable and natural solutions satellite location

·      Mr. Chow’s Asian Fusion are working on build out in former Chengdu location


Health Department Chris Hansen

·      Juice Bar opening in April

·      Hot Oven Pizza & Panini will be under new ownership / new name (same menu, just sold to someone else)

·      Not too many updates!


Chamber of Commerce Christopher Conway & Kate Kobs

·      Welcome to KATE!

o   She lived in our neighborhood for 8 years so she’s one of us

·      Business After Hours at Spaces, the new co-working space in Blueback

o   Morgan Hillyard manages the space

o   75-100 people attended!

o for more information about the business

·      Ribbon cutting today for Skeleton Key: room escape game business:

·      Ribbon cutting next week: The Fix IV vitamin IV business:

·      Young Professionals (FLOW) has a fundraiser coming up: 90s and 2000s trivia at Effie’s; money raised will go to the bridge

o   April 10 at 6:30; $25 per ticket, teams of 4


·      April 23rd: Out for Health social health themed event:

·      Economic Development Luncheon:




Ringgold Estates, Lovely Development Renee Meuse & Tony Valenti

·      2 residents are living there and a closing today, 3 more contracts

o   6 of 25 units resided in by April 30

·      They will continue to build

·      The model unit sold!

·      Open houses just about every Sunday 1-3pm: this Sunday, then also March 24th

· has pictures of furnished model


Sisters of St Joseph Joseph Angelico

·      A few more approvals pending, sisters agreed to extension for approval period

·      Very optimistic that they will be closing in 2 months at which point they can start moving on their building process


Save the Date for Mayors’ Charity Ball and Playhouse on Park 10th Anniversary Gala


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