Park Road Association

September 2018 – Meeting Minutes 

CO-Presidents - Welcome / Urgent Business - Tracy Flater & John Paindiris


·      Communication – if you’re not getting emails, tell us! We transferred over to MailChimp and all emails on the distribution list should have gotten moved over, but if there are any issues


·      Lots of changes on the street with businesses opening and closing.  

·      Busy with Membership and Parade - you will hear a lot more about both in the committee reports.   Thank those who are working so hard on our committees - parade, beautification, membership, etc. 

o   We are focused on the Parade and that is taking most of our energy, but we are not letting go of the membership drive! You can join any time during the year and it’s good for a year 

o   There are three kinds of memberships: Friend of Park Road, Business Membership, and then a choose-your-own donation

·      Toy Drive

o   Last year we had 13 drop off spots and we were very successful – we are very excited to partner with WDRC for the drive again!

·      Barbara Lerner

o   Congratulations to Barbara on her retirement! She will retire at the end of this calendar year.


Chamber of Commerce

·      Reminder about Golf Tournament!


From Kristen Connelly

·      FLOW: event tonight at Lux Bond & Green in the center

o   Catered, beverages from Wise Old Dog, vendors from Lux Bond speaking to the group


·      Small Business Panel Oct 29 at noon at Town Hall

·      Chamber will be seeking a new Executive Director: if you are interested or know someone who is interested in applying, the job description and application will be posted on the Chamber website soon



Elected Officials 


Would like more representation

·      Mayor Shari Cantor

o   Will be holding additional office hours at Faxon Branch


o   We are hoping to set up something like this in the Park Road neighborhood!


Beautification Club - Steve Dewey, Co-Chair

·      Planters

o   Hopefully we’ve been enjoying the planters! Soon they will turn over to the fall planters

·      Next Clean Up Walk: September 29! Meet in front of the Playhouse

o   Junior League will have representation

o   Parents are bringing their kids!

o   Hoping to get FLOW involved

o   Hoping to get high school students who need volunteer hours

·      Parade Day:

o   if anyone wants to help pick up trash along the parade

o   Having members stand next to planters to solicit more donations for next year

o   Let us know if you want to volunteer on Parade Day for Beautification!

·      Trash receptacles

o   We are going to get more on the road!

·      Next meeting is October 11 at 4:30 at 427 Park Road

o   Feel free to email with any questions


·      More about trash receptacles John Phillips

o   Approved a plan to change out to Big Belly trash collectors that compact trash via solar power

o   Will also supply a recycling option as well as just trash!

o   They are on order now, hoping to have them mid to late October

o   We have standardized the recycling and trash symbols across town; there will also be “rules” about recycling to prevent contamination

o   They will be in heavier use areas and then grow

o   Not odor-proof but odor-resistant because they keep everything inside

o   They will be re-wrapped every two years!


Marketing/Development - Chelsea O’Donnell


·      It is the 20th Anniversary of the Park Road Parade!

·      Still some sponsorships open! If anyone wants to sponsor, all options are available on the website

·      We have 30 volunteers currently and would love a total of 40: if you know anyone who wants to volunteer (especially high school students) tell Chelsea!

·      Parade Days are going on: discount cards

o   Participating businesses are offering 20% off with the purchase of a discount card

o   Cards can be purchased online starting Friday (today!)

o   Playhouse, Effie’s, Zest, A Strand Ahead, sushi restaurant, new health store

§  Hoping for a total of 20 participants

o   Valid to be used the week leading up to the Parade (first week of October)

·      If you are a local business, it is a great opportunity to attract the people who come for the parade

o   We have TIPS on how to do this! And Chelsea is happy to talk to anyone who needs ideas!

o   If you’re doing something fun, let us know and we will also promote that as a fun thing to do at the parade!

·      It is not too late to march in the parade—let Renee McCue know ASAP

·      Park & Oak will be doing a happy hour to kick off the parade 4pm-7pm

·      If anyone is an entertainer, we have a shortage of clowns and other entertainers so let us know if you or someone you know wants to participate in that way

·      Pray for SUN for that afternoon!

·      Meeting every Thursday at Effie’s at 9am still

·      There is a volunteer meeting on October 2 at Zest280 at 5:30pm and Rita will send an email about that


Town Reports:

         Police – Assistant Chief Daniel Coppinger

·      One of the things the police department has been trying to do is get neighborhoods to come to these neighborhood meetings since they are very informative and helpful in the community

·      Sarah Nagle was injured and was on light duty but should be back this week!

·      Shooting at Zaytoon’s

o   3:45am on the 19th a call came in and police were dispatched but couldn’t find anything since they didn’t know exactly where it came from

o   When the Zaytoon’s owners came in to work in the morning they found the bullet holes

o   It is now an ongoing investigation

o   We have not had a shooting like this in a long, long time

§  The last one was at Los Imperios and it had a clear reason for the dispute

o   Shells were found in the street, Zaytoon’s was the only business that was hit

·      A few car break ins and burglaries

o   St Mark’s Church broken into on the 20th

o   On Jackson Ave also later on in the morning on the 20th

§  Officer was sitting overnight to see if he’d see any break ins: the person who was breaking into cars (suspect in St Mark’s break in) actually tried to break into the cops’ car that he was sitting in and was apprehended

§  Don’t forget to lock your cars!

o   The Wise Old Dog has had their front door smashed 3 times this month where someone has gone in and stolen liquor

·      Overall crime is way down across the town, state, and country: down over 50%

·      If someone is driving without their lights on in the middle of the night, call the police because they may be going to commit a crime

·      QUESTION: can there be a meeting about what to do in case of emergencies, break ins, attacks, if anything horrible were to happen; also what kind of security works (cameras, flood lights, etc.)

o   YES: good idea

·      QUESTION: What to do if there are packages stolen or opened?

o   Ask for requiring signature, ask to put it around the side or back door

o   Doorbell cameras are working!

·      Final words: all police cruisers have cameras and they are always recording and these are helpful to backtrack to see if a cruiser camera saw a burglar

o   Also there are cameras at every public school, DPW, dog pound, parking garages, etc. that the police have access to


            Public Works - John Phillips

·      Trash Cans: See above

·      It is trending to be a tough winter and Public Works is preparing! Everyone should be proactive


            Economic Development - Kristen Connolly

·      A lot of movement on Park Road business-wise

·      Standish Clock & Watch Repair moved in next to J Rene

·      266 Park Road: Max & Lily relocated to Prospect Ave for a larger space

o   GBS Threading has quickly replaced them (they have another location in the center)

·      74 Park Road: Essential Health

·      179 Park Road: Chengdu closed, a retirement after 12 years in business

o   active leasing negotiations for a new restaurant!

·      175 Park Road: Former Clothes Horse Space

o   WELCOME to the perfect new tenant: The Village: Where Real Change Happens


o   Serves children, adults, and families, deal with mental health & substance abuse

o   Located in Hartford near the University of Hartford / Unitarian Universalists & for years they have been running auxiliaries in Glastonbury, Suffield, and Simsbury, and this will be the same model: high quality thrift boutique

o   Hoping to be in the Park Road Parade

o   Info session at the Village 12-1:30 with lunch to learn about plans


Community Services Mark McGovern

·      Noah Webster Foundation received money for improvements projects

o   Also Wolcott Park was a recipient for money from improvements

·      Great progress with Park Road / I-84 interchange project

o   Completed paving of exit ramp, south side of Park Road, barrier was just moved so that the north side can be worked on

o   On track for opening of ramp by December BUT the project will continue in the spring (after winter shut down) until early summer of 2019

o   The traffic control during this project has been incredibly well handled: many people have been warned to just stay away

·      Third round of paving around town: South Quaker Lane (Talcott to New Britain Avenue)

o   Section of Asylum near Elizabeth Park

·      Target store in Bishops Corner in former WalMart space

o   No lease has been signed yet

o   Very good fit for space



CNG - Replacement of Gas Line on Park Road Rick Dion/Jay Fletcher

·      The main that came down Park Road is all set

·      Soon the services will be changed over

·      There will be a stop to the project during mid November to the first of the year, there may be a little work during the winter, and then resume in the spring

·      Paving will happen in 2019

·      They left a business open sign, that will be taken away

o   They’ll go through Thursday or Friday to make sure they’re all picked up



            Joe Angelico, Sisters of St Joseph

·      Not too much new to report: applications are being prepared and submitted, everything is moving forward

            Ringgold Estates, Lovely Development

·      Moving along, neighbors are keeping Chuck in the loop

o   If neighbors see anything, take a photo and let them know!




·      Town has gotten bonds / money to reconstruct New Park Avenue over the next 2 years

o   Additional state grant amounting to 3.5-4 million

·      Soon we’ll have a new connector sewage tunnel

·      Restaurant activity, few vacancies

·      Crime energizes the community with a bunch of residents that are interested in getting involved!

·      Railroad bridge is finally going to get painted a beautiful oxblood red

·      Speeding down New Britain Avenue: hopefully this will start to be enforced

·      Dunkin Donuts is moving diagonally across to be where Jake’s Wayback was and Jake’s moved around the corner

·      PS: crime happens everywhere but in WeHa we have a very quick response and neighbors who always say something when they see something that allows the news to travel faster


Community Updates

         Share Events, Activity, Exciting News About Your Businesses!

·      Peter & the Starcatcher at Playhouse running through October 14 and is fun for the whole family!



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Next meeting, October 19th from 8am - 9am


Tracy Flater 860-558-8038 and John Paindiris 860-836-9366