Park Road Association

July 2018 – Meeting Minutes

CO-Presidents - Welcome / Urgent Business - Tracy Flater & John Paindiris

  • Reminder that there will not be a meeting in August, the September meeting will be the last meeting before the parade in October

  • Thanks to the Beautification Club (they’re on vacation! Have a good vacation!)—Steve & Deanna did a wonderful job putting together the planters. Valvoline alone got 4 planters. They all look great. There were about 22 businesses and residents in total who donated to make it happen. 15 planters is impressive for our first year!

  • Membership drive: take a pamphlet! Consider becoming a member. We have expenses e.g. Beautification Club, the website, the Parade, etc., and Memberships help fund these things. For many years Richard & Angelo were in charge, they would go door to door talking to the community and getting members, but when Tracy & John took over they have to bring the Association back to where it was worth the membership fee and we are definitely at that point.

  • Toys for Tots Drive: Tuesday, December 18th 5am-10am is the radio day at Effie’s in conjunction with WDRC

    • Last year was our biggest drive! Please come check it out, it really is impressive how many toys are collected

  • Newsletter: First Monday of the month is the monthly newsletter, Monday before the meeting will be a reminder, and Monday after the meeting will be the notes sent out

  • Recently John has been getting phone calls about things happening on the street: house with big weeds, couch in front of the street, and debris in the street.

    • There is a tab on the Town of WH website to report these things    This should be the first place folks go to report an issue.

    • You can also contact John & Tracy if the problem is not resolvied

  • Former Clothes Horse space: If you know anyone interested, have them contact Rick Liljedahl!


Marketing/Development - Chelsea O’Donnell

  • Membership is what drives the Park Road Association and what lets us do what we do to keep our neighborhood vibrant and connected! That being said, we hope everyone will become members and tell their friends.

  • There are three levels of membership - Business, Neighborhood and a new donation-based contribution option. All the levels are outlined on our website and you can sign up for your membership right here.

  • We are planning a Celebrate Park Road event in early November which will allow Park Road Association businesses to showcase what they have to offer for the holiday season, plus we will give out Parade awards and highlight various businesses in the area to celebrate their contributions to the community throughout the year.

  • We also want to plan a spring business crawl this year in addition to our other events, business workshops, gift guides, neighborhood clean-ups and beautification efforts that we execute annually.

  • If anyone wants to become a member today or volunteer to be part of the Membership Committee please get in touch with Chelsea at! We’re excited to continue our efforts to foster our community on Park Road.


Beautification Club - Steve Dewey

  • On vacation

  • Reminder—no Beautification Meeting in August!


Park Road Parade - Tony Landino

  • Things are kicking off!

  • The success of the Celebrity Breakfast is worth noting again! That event did quite well for fundraising for the Parade raising $3,000 which is more than 1/3 of our goal.

  • Sponsorship package has been reviewed and will be distributed to past sponsors and also on the website available for download

    • Sponsorships are attached to parts of the parade, e.g. sponsoring a band and the band holds a banner of the sponsor

  • We asked Coach Calhoun to be our Grande Marshall,  and we are inviting back all of our past Grand Marshalls to be “Honorary Grande Marshalls”.   No response from Coach Calhoun yet.

  • Committee will start meeting every other week soon

  • Renee McCue from the town will be sending out solicitations for participants

  • Volunteers: we’re going to be asking volunteers from the Memorial Day Parade

  • Park Road Parade Days: Buy a Parade Days Pass; Merchants on the road gave discounts when you present the pass: worked well and raised some money!

    • We’re going to go more full scale with this year!



Elected Officials (none in attendance )


Town Reports:

  • Police – Sarah Nagle

    • Last month Sarah gave overview of psat six months, this past month:

    • A couple burglaries, 2 in cars West of Quaker in those apartments with one unlocked car, one broken window; 1 in a car on Ringgold

    • Kennedy Park has been quiet as well

    • A couple minor disturbances on the Fourth

    • 1 auto theft on Kane, Quaker, and one on Ringgold: all keys inside or easily in reach

    • Touch of Bliss Spa called on the 30th: reported a Hispanic male in swim shorts called/visited and asked for sexual services but he never came back

    • A lot of construction means a lot of police on the road which may be helping!

    • Not crime oriented: WH Police Officers Association: Golf tournament on Friday, September 7, more information on that, reach out to Sarah

  • Fire - Mike Sinsigalli, John Kupernick (not in attendance )

  • Public Works - John Phillips (not in attendance )

    • Cross walk update - Todd Dumais (not in attendance )

  • Health Department - Chris Hansen

    • Health has been pretty slow with the exception of some tall grass complaints

    • Juice Bar is going in next to the chiropractor

  • Housing Authority - Tim Mable (not in attendance )

  • Economic Development Kristen Connolly

    • 74 Park Road: Health is Wealth Juice Bar (working on final permits), probably opening Mid August; Essential Health is a health food store and chiropractor, probably late August opening

    • Fuller Yoga is replacing Starr Yoga

    • Potentially the hookah bar may be looking to lease the Café space nextdoor

      • There is a lot of restaurant interest for Park Road!

    • 252 Park Road was sold in May to AJ Mastay, a graphic designer & artist with some high profile clients

      • will move in some time in September

    • A watch repair is going in next to J Rene

    • Last year the town council passed the Entertainment License ordinance to establish police details / public safety for establishments that were operating as nightclubs (not allowed in WH)

      • Public Hearing August 14th with the Town Council

      • There is not enough parking / municipal parking on Park Road: there are not many businesses on Park Road that would have enough space, but Zaytoon’s and Chengdu did get the License

        • J Rene may need one since they have a once a month singer/song writer event

  • Community Services Mark McGovern

    • More about the Entertainment License: LIVE or AMPLIFIED music (no matter how loud it is); there are guidelines stating what would be acceptable background music vs. a performance

    • Issues in news at UCONN campus site: Technology company Seven Stars Cloud Group is purchasing the property from the university

      • Town has first right of refusal Last night the Council had the opportunity to match the offer and they did not choose to take the offer

      • Tech company founded by Chinese American billionaire who wants to create a campus for multiple tech companies including his company that focuses on lock chain technology that is involved in crypto-currency

      • 283 million dollar project with current buildings plus additional buildings

      • They will have to get a zoning change

      • We re hoping that the ball fields lease will either be extended or there will be a conveyance to the town of that space

      • They have committed to the state: 330 jobs over 5 years

    • Town plan for conservation & development (strategic plan for the town): needs to be refreshed and submitted to the state; public meetings & outreach sessions will begin in the fall and business associations as well as residents will be involved

    • JOHN: Are there grants that we can apply for similar to New Park?

      • MARK: it’s between the two transit stations, so it’s very specific; we also get “major improvement” grants in town, not just beautification type projects

      • We probably don’t qualify for a grant like that


Special Guest - Jeff Lovanio, West Hartford Squared - What’s Happening West Hartford

  • Mobile app for the Town of West Hartford, connects people to events, deals, and what is happening around town

    • Kids events, brunches, happy hours, theatrical events

  • The goal is to have just one place to find all of what is going on, in the case of, for example, a rainy day when the kids need something to do!

  • Free for users to download, free to list on the app

  • They also take data from facebook to make it easier to find and learn about

  • If you want to get your information onto the app, reach out to Jeff!

  • IDEA: a decal for stores to remind consumers that WH2 is there!


CNG - Replacement of Gas Line on Park Road - Rick Dion/Jay Fletcher

  • Main construction is essentially complete, just a little work to do down on Prospect

  • In the process of going into the side streets

  • In a couple weeks we’ll have gas in the line

  • Then we’ll have to go in and change over the services on the street from the old main to the new main, this will likely begin in the middle of August

    • This is the part that requires coordination with the community; and they will be getting in touch with individual businesses and residences ahead of time & will cause service disruption

    • Much less space taken up per service changeover than when the main was being replaced


Chamber of Commerce - Barbara Lerner

  • Flemmings of WH, Chamber, and Foodshare are doing West Hartford Restaurant Week, Tues 8/28-Mon 9/3 (Park & Oak, Effie’s are representing Park Road)

    • September is Food Awareness/ Food Security Month; restaurants will donate a percentage of their Restaurant Week income to Foodshare

    • Currently about 20 restaurants are signed up, hoping for 30 to sign up

    • Will have dinner Pre Fixe and lunch as well

    • Restaurants are not being charged anything to participate

    • If you want info, call Barbara or go to Flemming’s website where all the info is

  • 1st & 3rd Friday are AM Connections! Best networking event in town!



Joe Angelico, Sisters of St Joseph

  • Nothing new, everything is still going forward; meetings with the town are on the agenda

Ringgold Estates, Lovely Development (not in attendance )



Elmwood (not in attendance )

Parkville (not in attendance )

Others: WH Center, Blue Back, Bishop’s Corner, other (not in attendance )


Community Updates

Share Events, Activity, Exciting News About Your Businesses!

  • Introducing Mick who is working at J Rene as someone who will be active and reach out to the community and to help their business grow on the long term—Mick will be the voice of J Rene at this meeting

  • Playhouse update:

    • Carol Burnett workshop called “Say Things Funny” July 30 & 31 at 7:30pm

    • Mama D’s Burlesque show in August

  • Tuesday the 24th: Jillian Gilchrest Town Hall at J Rene



Tracy Flater 860-558-8038 and John Paindiris 860-836-9366