community clean up walk

Join us on September 28 for another community clean up walk. We check in at 8:45am at 244 Park Road (Playhouse on Park). The beautification Club offers rubber gloves, trash bags and T-shirts as they last. Our walks are always the last Saturday in April and September. Some local restaurants offer breakfast and brunch specials and discounts for Beautification Club Walkers.- Thank you to all who pitch in. Donations are welcome however there is not charge for this walk event.


  • SECOND TUESDAY of each month Start on JUNE 11TH AT 6:15PM AT 75 Park Road. This is a new event requested by people in the community. The walk is 45 mins to an hour and the rubbish is collected at 127 Park Road by one of our BCLUB members. We have a Walk Captain and we are looking for a group to commit to four walks.

  • June 11 / July 9 / August 13 and September 10.

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