Volunteers Instructions

Volunteer Hours: 8:00 AM-Noon. Click here for the PDF of Volunteer Instructions.


  • All volunteers will meet @ 8:00 AM in front of Anthony Nicole Salon & Spa, 85 Park Rd, next door to Effie’s Restaurant. You must sign in and get your name badge, clipboard & papers (Maps, Division Listing both (Alpha & Numeric) & for some a Paddle.  Volunteers need to be at their assigned location by 9:00 AM.  Groups start to line up @ 9:30 AM.  Volunteers can park on side streets that are not blocked off and walk down to 85 Park Rd.

  • This year Conductors and Assistant Conductors will receive a Paddle that reads SPEED UP and SLOW DOWN to use in controlling the pace of the marchers

  • Past volunteers, please wear your rust colored parade T-shirts from the previous few years.  New volunteers will get a T-shirt at our volunteer meeting.

  • Clipboards must be returned after the parade to Steben’s Auto Body, 307 Park Rd (near the stage). There will be a box for you to drop them in.

  • Division & Alpha Listings will be given out Saturday morning.

  • Buses drop off participants is at the intersection of West Beacon St and & Lockwood St.  Buses will park on the north side of Vera St. for pick up. (See map for locations)

  • Handicap Parking available on Crescent St, Fairlawn St, Washington Circle and any other side streets along Park Rd.  Once the street is closed off, entry will need to be made from the back end of the street.

  • Restroom Locations – see Consolidated Map listing

  • Food is available at restaurants on Park Rd

  • Keep eyes alert for young children running out into the street for candy.

Instructions for Conductors & Assistant Conductors

  • Make sure your Division # sign is posted near your street so participants can locate you.

  • Instructions on use of portable radios are given on Saturday morning.   Radios must be returned to Steben’s Auto Body at the end of the parade along with clipboards

  • Make sure you have a clipboard, Division & Alpha listings, Division Line-Up Map (Colored Map) as well as a Paddle.   The Consolidated Map shows Restrooms locations, Parade Route, Handicap Parking, and Division Locations.

  • Check off groups as they arrive.

  • Line up participants in the order listed on the Division Sheet.  Parade order is done by design so changes/revisions must be noted & communicated to TV commentators

  • March with your group to avoid large gaps between the units. Allow space for each group. Instruct them to speed up or slow down as needed with your paddle. If Group 1 has 10 people, allow room for 10.  If Group 2 has 20 people and a truck and Group 3 arrives first, leave enough space for Group 2 when they arrive.

Any cars that arrive that have not received a specific division assignment via mail should line up on Ringgold St.

All vehicles in the parade need to go past Jessamine St up to Trout Brook Drive and turn.
Divisions must march all the way to Jessamine St and turn the corner.

Anyone not on your roster should be asked to speak with:
Division # 1, 5 & 6 – MaryJane Sullivan; Division # 2, 3 & 4 – Jack Jordan

Elected officials may march in the parade and may wear campaign buttons, but no signs are allowed.   Candidates running for office on Election Day may walk on the sidewalk and distribute flyers.

Instructions for Ambassadors

  • Make certain you have all Maps & Division Listings (Alpha & Numeric).

  • Help direct groups where they need to go.

  • Assigned to a specific Conductor /Assistant Conductor to assist with management of the line-up process within the division.

  • March with the Division to help maintain appropriate spacing to avoid large gaps.

  • Provide information to anyone for restrooms locations, handicapped parking and where groups need to go.

  • Crowd control – ensure little children are not running out into the street to catch candy being thrown from cars & parade participants.  Remind those throwing candy it must be done in an underhand manner.

IMPORTANT: Make sure spectators stay back on the sidewalks and not in the path of the parade. Some marching groups are wide and span the width of the street. If you run into a problem call –Tony L. # cell 860-966-4582 or John P. # 860-836-9366 to report the issue.

Thank you for volunteering and have fun!

If you have questions, please contact Rita Soovajian at 860-522-6696 or e-mail rsoov@comcast.net.