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Our mission

To enhance and promote property upkeep and beautification in the Park Road Neighborhood


Our Goals:

  • To work with Town Officials, Business, and Residents to increase annual and perennial plantings in the area through planters and permanent planting beds.

  • To develop a Volunteer group to provide periodic upkeep of commercial & residential properties, including weeding, mulching, pruning/trimming, planting, garbage pickup, light maintenance, etc.

  • To work with Town Officials, local Contractors and Design Professionals to provide assistance with larger maintenance, renovation and upkeep projects.




Part of our mission is to encourage a cleaner neighborhood. One way to do this is to bring a bag with you on your walks and pick up any trash you see. It's all about pitching in and helping out. NEXT WALK 9/29/18 @8:45am, Meet at 244 Park Road.

Note: Hazardous Waste Pick Up with the Town is on 9/22/18. See town website for more information.

Note: The schools (5th grades) are doing a project on Plastic Pollution. See your school’s newsletter for more on what the students think about this problem and how to reduce it.

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Part of our mission is to encourage BEAUTY in the neighborhood. One way to do this is to Sponsor a Seasonal Planter, Sponsor a Banner as the Town will be suppling the Brackets and or donate monies toward the planters or banner Program. All Donations Happily Accepted. We are currently working on a banner contest with the Elementary Schools and PTO. Banners are planned for the Spring of 2019.

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WANT TO VOLUNTEER or just find out more?

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