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Membership is what drives the Park Road Association and what enables us to keep our neighborhood vibrant and connected! There are three levels of membership - Business, Friends and Neighbors, and a donation-based contribution option. All the levels are outlined below - we hope you’ll consider joining us today.




A Sponsoring Member receives an all inclusive package to all that the Park Road Association has to offer. From advertising to promotions throughout the year, your business will be seen and heard.



When you become a business member of The Park Road Association your not only benefitting your business, your benefitting the Park Road Community as a whole.



Become a “Friends & Neighbors” Member and help the Association continue to further its mission in making the Park Road Neighborhood better for all to enjoy. We need your input, ideas and support, please join us!


If you are interested in supporting the Park Road Association and the work we do to make Park Road an exciting place to live, work and play, please consider contributing a donation of your choice.