2020 planter donations are being accepted now.

Let's add beauty to the Park Road Neighborhood with the Planter and Banner Program.

Please consider a donation of a full size, fully maintained Spring to Fall Planter.

  • A full Size, fully maintained by the KNOX Foundation planters with plantings from June to November is a $275.00 donation.

  • Banner with Brackets (Design to be shared soon). We are working with the Florence E. Smith STEM School students to create a Park Road Spring/Summer and Winter Banner for $200 for Banner with Bracket. We have 20 Lamp Posts that require brackets. Once the First 20 Spring /Summer banners and brackets are sponsored then we will be able to offer Winter Banner at $90 each.

Please remember you can donate from a business, from a neighborhood group, from a group of friends. You do not have to be a West Hartford resident. 

Beautification Club donations begin at $5. Please write checks to Park Road Association and n the Memo add: Beautification Club: Planter-Banner-General.

Thank you for all who sponsored or co-sponsored a Planter. Monies can be dropped off at 127 Park Road at the 4D design & decorating Offices. We are still confirming with KNOX and The Town of West Hartford about adding a Sponsorship Label to each planter.

We can accept sponsors for planters from March 1 - May 30, 2019. Any donations after May 30th will be put towards the next years planters or the banners.

We can accept banner & bracket donations all year as we are still working on this program.

Beautification Club's Volunteer Coordinators.

1) Stephen Dewey- Beautification Club Co-Chair, Owner of dewright design, LLC- 127 Park Road and Richard St. Resident.

2) Deanna Dewey- Beautification Club Co-Chair. Owner o f 4D design & decorating, LLC- 127 Park Road and Richard St. Resident.

3) Jane Barter - Beautification Club's Public Relations Director. Family Business-Barter Insurance and Price Blvd. Resident.